Ananda Siva Natanam 1 - The Blissful Dance Of Siva

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Dance of Siva is ‘Ananda'- indescribable joy!
Delightful Performance!
Dances with power projecting a
Dazzling world!
Dancing ‘Jeevas' with their lives and
Delectable play of kaleidoscopic wonder
Dancing to Siva's creative genius!

The dance of Siva is ‘Ananda Siva Natanam'
The dance of immeasurable bliss - ‘Paramananda'!
The whole world becomes His stage
The moon - His crescent shaped jewel
The stars - His sparkling ornaments
The powerful bull- ‘Nandi' -His vehicle
The snakes coiled round his neck as
The guardian angels!

Siva opens his eyes and commands the world to
Stand up, wake up and be alert with His
Sensational beats of dynamic rhythm!
Such amazing beats of rhythm that
Sustains the breath of every little heart!
Siva dances with amazing vigour,
Saintly Performance of a holy dance with
Sounds of joyful exuberance!

The creation of ‘Spandan'-
The first sound vibration of this world,
The symphony of ‘Aum'
The holy vibration for
The world to meditate!
The inspiring ‘Nada' and ‘Svara'
The soulful refrain flowing as
The divine melody to merge with Siva's blissful dance!

He dances the ‘Ananda Siva Natanam'
Heralding a new dawn with His orange robe!
He occupies the seven worlds with
His colossal, expansive, golden body!
He dwells in His seven abodes with
Healing colours of a rainbow;
He whirls like a super dancer with
His own creation of this fantastic world!

Comments about Ananda Siva Natanam 1 - The Blissful Dance Of Siva

i've just been informed by my mate that it is time for me to take a break. i only see one snake; one should be sufficient! and does this excite the ladies? ? ? : " His colossal, expansive, golden body! " maybe i'll dress that way and go downtown. bri :)
Delectable play of kaleidoscopic wonder....awesome expression...Shiva is the symbol-Lord of this never ending Expanse...Ananda Tandavam or Ananda Natanam is the name given to the functioning of the whole creation or the dance of Shiva...I can very well feel your full dedication in this kind of your poems which helps your great poetic skill to shine very well Geeta...congratulations...God bless you
I shall try to search your book on think Hindu mythology is the only mythology that is still believed by such a large population and you are nicely painting it through your pen.
The sky, the air, the trees, the river...the PRESENT is full of Shiva.........this poem is great to create this feelings...

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