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Anarchy Is For Lovers
(July 12,1962 / Moscow, Russia)

Anarchy Is For Lovers

They came together-red and black-
In a revolt like no other,
And there is no turning back,
For anarchy is for lovers.

The truth is greater than the lies
Of hollow gods and class divisions,
For loving hearts all rules defy
With a transcendent common vision.

No wars, no boundaries, no states,
No need to subjugate each other,
No rich, no poor, no one to hate-
Just peace and love for one another.

They came together-young and old-
No hippie freaks, but with a vision-
They came together in revolt
Against all wars and all divisions.

They saw the truth, they saw the light
In a revolt like no other,
Standing determined in their fight,
For anarchy is for lovers.

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this is fabulous, thank you.