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Anatomy Of A Poet
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Anatomy Of A Poet

Poem By C.J. Heck

Go in through the eyes of a poet
deep into her alphabet mind.
Ideas like flotsam and jetsam
dodge poetry fragments and lines.

Beware the dark shadows of memory,
knife-sharp and bloodied by time,
or gentle, orgasmic and sensual,
swirling eddies, some without rhyme.

Softly notice the spirit in hiding.
Tiptoe past the bruised heart mending there,
knitting poems, pearls strung on a necklace,
unfinished jewels everywhere.

Take note on your tour of this poet
the outside no different you see,
but inside, my God, a passionate abyss,
the poet, the woman, the me.

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simply beautiful o woman poet do read my two poems MOMS SMILES AND MOTHERS DAY TODAY U WILL LOVE EM THANKS IN ADVANCE
Loved the beautiful poem, the ocean of emotions where in lie in its abyss, the unfinished jewels, that dodge poetry fragments and lines.I am just awestruck.
alphabets writes very secret in language words of knowing fleshes out from adherence to bone of red from abyss of oceanic passion yet wave rouses above, beautiful write by deep imagery,10+, thanks for sharing
Love it, love it. Read mine - Brush Strokes - Adeline
.... I was in a trance the whole time... An amazing, original poem.