Noisy Classroom

Oh i cant hear my self they're talking to loud,
i really want to say something but i dont want to shout.
who is that calling me? stop shouting my name, please i want to go home these kids driving me insane.
Wild Wild west! whats is going on in this place? throwing paper and playing shouting all up in each others face.
Dont play with me cause you know you are wrong for playing in the class room and loudly playing rude songs.
You need to be seated ansd have much more pride, and dont ever try to follow cause if you slip you will slide.


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Still this poem takes me to another world....after all these years.... Fran x
So imaginative, fairyland and dreams and legend and heroes. Wonderful Margery. xxx
Just revisitng (no need for a reply) this lovely poem which has lived in my favourites box for some time. It still holds all of the magic, Linda. Love, Fran xxx
Your imagination is magnificent! ! ! This one ought to be in the top 500...without a doubt! ! Have you read'The Mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley? Oh you have will absolutely never come back to the same world you left. This is one hell of a good write...xxxElysabeth
Linda, what a beautiful relaxing poem that whisks you off to a far flung paradise. The imagery of a distant shore, a breeze blowing off from the sea and an almost magical place, Atlantis. Beautiful. I loved it. A nice dream away from reality. Thanks for sharing it. David
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