Self Destruction

Why is it that the one thing that builds me up,
is also the one thing that destroys me?
I can't live with it,
but, yet I can't live without it
This is so critical to my survival,
yet it is slowly wasting my life away
is if it were a poison that heals, but then destroys
I watch my life come apart without it,
but with it, I survive
It continues to keep me alive
at least for the time being,
until eventually time runs out.

by Philip St. Cyr

Comments (3)

Thank God that somebody sets the record straight on this wonderful poem MM
Strong poetry there, i didn't quite understand it, not because its bad its because important quite new to poetry
A wonderfully funny parody for modern times of the famous Middle English lyric (c.1260) 'Summer is icumen in, ' known in anthologies as 'The Cuckoo Song.'