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Ancient Mythologies And Verses Holy

[Quran-17: 42, Quran-21: 22]

On television ancient
mythological serial I saw.__
Many powerful Gods
brought a feeling of awe.__

Each plotting and planning
against one another.__
Intention to become supreme
and dethrone other.__

Their fights brought disorder
on earth and heaven.__
Anywhere and everywhere
chaos and confusion.__

Their ungodly behavior
was maddening, insane.__
Couldn't control my wild
heart, oppressed brain.__

Closed television to get
rid of their conduct lowly.__
Started searching truth
and peace in verses holy.__

Spotted few verses which
brought smile and relief.__
In verses* I found truth
and it increased my belief.__

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Glory to be Allah 10
A thoughtful write, we believe in Holy Quran and we shall Insha Allah continueto believe.