CB (1946 / Tennessee)

Falling Dreams

A shattered glass like silence now pervades
The secret space; she keeps her dreams concealed.
Uneasy once, the stars now quell and aid
Her doubt. A gaze upon the sky revealed
A hope. The glinting in the sky composed
Of burning light sometimes becomes less strong.
Deserted stars die hardly now, disposed
Of hope at home, never moving along.
Most jewels of night aflame within their bed
Reside up high almost eternally,
And stay so strong when faced with dark ahead,
Serene and bright for all the world to see.
She can't let dreams of hers be painful scars;
She won't let dreams of hers be falling stars.

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Great poem and fitting title. Wonderfully expressed.
An age old story..... Losing a child at adulthood is harder than raising them
This is good, and has a ring of reality to it. Now she wants to go like in many cases with children of this knid. I thought that some of the words were strong when I read them and the meaning they conveyed to me was powerful and quite clear. Keep on writing. You did well with this one. Thanks! Luis Estable
Abrupt so abrupt- Where are you taking our hearts? very nice- congrats
Makes me wish I had a child to write poems about...Bon Voyage. A definite 10! I'll definitely back for more. For a different take on a childless life still worth living check me out Carolyn.
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