AT (12/24 / Spfld, Ma)


Beautiful Adonis is dying
Trapped in timelessness
That was then
You are now
My spirits no longer carries me
I am no longer eternal
Spill fresh blood
Just a little short of dying
You dropped anchor on my heart
And Aphrodite laughed
She cannot hurry fate
But I love you as she does
Unfair Aphrodite
You have been called unfair before
For centuries it would seem
Since you have loved many
And I’ve only begun to love her
You may forget their names aplenty
But hers still haunts me
Like a ship-wrecked soul
Lost in the perpetual sea
That is nothing more
Than an old dreamer’s fantasy
I am no longer eternal
Though love for her may be
Would the Gods take pity on me
As they had on Odysseus
I can only pray for it then
Should Aphrodite take pity
On my heart
To let me see you

by Alejandro Torres

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This is an excellent read...enjoyed it thank you....10+