And A Whsipering Heart Spake Thus!

Heart, like a hearth, has myriad
Memories to burn, the whole night;
It keeps busy thus; and
Every nook and corner of the street,
Has on its windowsills,
A hovering stillness, full of dreams
And sleep;
The fog of pains is painted on the walls.
Eyes, which got tired,
In searching you, looking for you,
Their lamps get dimmed, finally put off.
And at that moment, precisely,
Its your memory,
Which makes me burn in the hearth.
And I burn in the agony of being away from you!
Love, how will you come to know, ever?
What it is like when the night assumes,
A dropping dream, melts and fills,
My heart, with your sweet fragrance.
See the whether? The blizzards?
They will not allow many lamps to light,
But my heart keeps on burning,
I burn and with me the pain of your being away,
In the hearth of the heart, the whole night,
I become the fuel of your remembrance,
And I burn, keep busy thus.

by Dr. Afaq A. Qureshi

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