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And Alas We Come To The End
NH ( / London)

And Alas We Come To The End

Breaking stone and cracking glass,
Steel is bent disfigured brass,
Down come buildings all in a row,
Industry will always come and go,
Falling chimneys tyles and bricks,
Thugs grafitii on walls just for the kicks,
Brick through window and through door,
No longer catch the culprit anymore,
None get away some say, they have though,
For breaking my house, my life, have an ASBO.

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Comments (3)

The poem was so well done but tell me please what is an ASBO?
I almost thought these words were going to jump out of the screen and come crashing down on my head! A high-impact write, Nick.
Hi Nick! I was with you all the way UNTIL the 'ASBO' connector. What's an ASBO? forgive me for any ignorance displayed. L