And All Of A Sudden, It Was Over

No more

Corrupted youth
Corrupted lives
Corruption in all corners
Corruption and lies

Walking alone
Is what I wish
No more people

Through my eyes
I want to see nature evolve
But I wish to do it alone
No more letting people in
Because once they are inside
They burn me in a million pieces
And I am left to find them
To walk over them and hide them
So no one can again find them

Corruption lies inside me
Finds its ways around me
It completely surrounds me
So I keep my eyes closed
So no one could possibly get hurt
I lay there

Expression to me
Is a person being able to tell you how they feel
No matter the circumstance
Or how powerful they are
Or where in life they stand
Tell me how you feel
I will steal your pain
And let you feel happy again

I think it may have been a gift
When I could tune out the pain
Because I feel more now everyday
But like I always say
It doesn't matter, it's always okay
If you can lift your head up high
And show the powerful being beyond the sky
You can carry yourself
Then you will be respected

It's easy to leave it all behind
Without anyone knowing where you've gone

It's easy to stay hidden
For however long

It's easy to know
What people call you when you are elsewhere

It's easy to find
Your dream

I know what I want
It's silence

Want to know why?
I've had enough of the whining
Of people's useless crying
Of all their fighting
And wastes of time

Can we not think past it?
The clouds and those beautiful sounds it brings across with it

Or how about the feeling of the wind and the peace it brings along
One way to describe that beautiful time

It's calm

by Jamal Hamadani

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