And Death Came

Poem By Louise Marie DelSanto

When death came
Like the fierce rain of Summer
when death came and drained his body

To lift him, and take the breath
When death came
Like morning thunderstorms

I sat beside him and willed it fast, thinking
When is it going to bring his body home?

And I remembered all my life
My brothers, my sister, my parents
And I remembered my life with theirs

I thought of our lives as clouds, the same distance
in the sky, above, below, and far out

And each cloud a pleasure to the eyes
each cloud moving slowly in a different direction

I was sitting by my father's body
I was the little girl saying goodbye
wondering if he heard me call death cruel

And death came with the early morning

Comments about And Death Came again feels forced. i'm sure you feel these things but you could balance it more. you have great ideas and philosophies, just relax and let it come when inspired, there's no need to rush.
I enjoyed reading this poem; it has a haunting quality

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