My Role Model

once i was lazy, but later i want to become a man.
who wants to be respected by others,
its my first day on my college for another experience.
i saw a man who is six feet tall, but he was young.
he was respected by others, some said he was a moron to others.
i inquired about him, some said he is a psycho. then i come to know that, he is my teacher.he was different from others.
two years passed, my girl cheated me at some occasion.
i was miserable at that time. that six feet man helped,
me to over come my loneliness.after that i used to have a chat.
day by day my teacher became my brother, who wants me to be happy,
he was always different from others, his thought and my thought are at the same line and he presented me his pen. at last.
i came to know that he is no longer to this land...

by veeramani santhanam

Comments (2)

Very sad for a woman to resign herself to such a heartbreaking fate.
.........true love? ...pretty sure this is not.. Even the bored, insulted heart, That signed so long and tight a lease, Can BREAK it CONTRACT, slump in peace.