AO (too short a time ago, or maybe too long / illinois)

And He Loves You

While we are here on earth
we hear (from a certain majority)
do unto others as you would want them to do unto you
be kind
don't steal
don't cheat
don't curse
don't murder
don't hurt
don't do drugs
don't have sex before marriage
don't sin don't sin don't sin
and above all accept god into your heart
misery, pain, sadness for eternity
oh, and by the way IF you accept god into your heart
you will be forgiven of ALL sins
no matter how minor or major
all sins are the same
all you have to do is worship god
and you will go to heaven
bliss, pefection, happiness forever
and your taught to be afraid
but then whenever someone dies, anyone
no matter how religious or deviant
it is always assumed they are in heaven

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