LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

And He Said He Loved Me

Talking on the phone tonight,
Two hours passed us by -
So many thoughts to contemplate,
So many questions why?
There has to be an answer,
Things just can't stay this way,
The whole damn world's turned upside down!
All we can do is pray
That God will find a reason
To justify our plight
And grant to us clear vision
To guide us through this night;
I still believe in miracles,
They happen every day -
So if this is supposed to be
Then let things go our way;
I think we've waited long enough
It's clear we've paid our dues,
When life throws you a second chance
What have you got to lose?
'Let's grab the gift and run with it'
Was all that I could say,
And then he said he loved me............
And I knew that I would stay.

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Linda, You continue to move me to tears. Almost 28 years ago I was deeply in love and engaged to be married. Life had other plans however and we parted. A month ago he found me after searching for some years, hitting stone walls, but prevailing nonetheless. We are now planning our life together. The life that should have been. Thank you for this poem, surely a gift to all who read it.
When granted a second chance perhaps its fate correcting past mistakes I met and married my wife just three years ago She was 61 and I was 71 both had failed marriages behind us neither was looking for a partner Fate stepped instant attraction Love at first sight I don't know nor do I care we are happy togther and that is allthat counts Ok so we may only have a few years So what we enjoy what we have and just hope
Linda, A lovely piece where every line just melts into the next. Beautifully written and as far as I'm concerned deserves a big 10. I loved it. Unlike Jim who is a hopeless romantic, I'm more the romantic hopeless! ! Great poem. I'm going to read some more before the modem cuts me off again. David
Great flow here and to get me to read a love type poem all the way through ain’t no easy trick
Such a sweet scenario. Those who've lost love and lived to regret it surely have to fall for these lovely, anguished but daring to be hopeful words. I'm hoping and praying that you can do this Linda! Hopeless romantic that I am! I'm hooked on this one! x jim
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