And I Do Not Care Much For The World

Poem By O.S. Brooks

Running long distance...
I notice signs of winter coming
the river
The wind chills the skin on my face
It's raining
somewhere in the valley
over wine grapes
where men take time
to enjoy
the song of life
There is no such joy here
in a man panting
trying to sweat out sin
like it's under his skin

And, I do not care for the world
I've grown cold and stale
with time
like grandma
Aged and ready to see
what else is left
after running
Pacing ourselves
toward an invisible finish line

So, I Run
long distance
I notice signs of an election
One house disagrees with another
The world seems divided on this Monday
Two cars have gathered behind me
Honking their horns in an angry rage
And they throw there words at the back of my feet

And I don't care for them
And they don't care for me
For they are part of the world
Caught in a rush without a care
For loss of earth or life without fear

So I am Running, LONG DISTANCE..
A line of cars now wonder 'what's the hold up? '
Cars swerve around me
Nearly hitting others coming from the opposite direction
Practice patience
Try it works, but every now and then it hurts
To love and lose and keep the faith
While trusting God will keep us safe

I remember you before the talk shows stole your brain
Now, you laugh, and cry, and eat
And buy false food to feed your emotions

Now, I can't care for you
And you don't care for me
For we are part of a system
And may never get free

So, I am jogging to work today
Not to save gas
But because I'm going insane
You like me this way
Slowing traffic, pissing off the masses
Say it's convenient
I'm out of your life
While out of my mind-while running at night

While I'm gone
Try not eating so much
Stick a pretzel to your brain and pull it
What ever will kill the monster
Who devoured my lover
The person I cared for
The reason I cared at all

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