And I Kissed All Of Their Cheeks

Now I am a reticent desperado
Having entered on a tornado
Exited on a surfboard
The latest trip was joyous

Man lives for nature
I live for cheeks
I kissed them all
On a whirlwind of scent

The sounds and the scents
Of the ladies and gents
Music and aromas
Closer to God by the moment

No Television no radio
No sedentary moments
No I was in the city streets again
I was in a whirlwind

I met sandi, rose, jenni, tammy, chrystal, kay
I met 6 more the very next day
I met Kim, and tracy, and kristen, and kath
Then i went home and took a bath

Most important i tell you now and again
I kissed and kissed and hugged and then
I kissed them all goodbye when
On a surfboard of smiles i rode away

Green tapestry woven in my head
I sing a happy song and lie down in bed
I see the visions of sugar plums
I wonder how blessed can i be?

Is the pope any happier than me?
When i reflect on how I kissed all their cheeks
And they all gave me their best smiles~!
Allowing me to feel as rich as a king
For a dozen happy maidens i sing!


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Ah, the lucky gals, and luckier still were you one would have to surmise....Love the reference to surfing in here helping it flow, like on your board waiting....waiting and then, zoooooooooommmmmmmmmm...........marci. :)