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And I Rise

I rise
And never shall fall,
Even by your lies
I know they are not true
And still i rise,

I hear everything you say about me
I hear every detail,
So don't try to cover it up

You tell me you love me
Then spread your lies
Just to try to tear me down,
And still i rise

Appearantly you don't know me that well,
The things u say
Never bring me down
It may only make me rise further

You say lies to tear me down
To the lowes level that you are,
The level that you are stuck at
So alone and cold,
I rise from your coldness

You don't understand me
My dear sister,
You can only mess up one life,
That life is only your own
And so i rise,
Knowing that i'm not your toy
That you can break apart and destroy
I am strong and cannot be torn down

I am me,
I am the only one
Who may tear myself down

I keep my head up
And walk with pride
Cause' nothing will break me,
Break me down to your cold and lonely level
And i rise,
Knowing i'm the one who
Can control my life
And live the way i want

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This was extremely well written and makes it easy for the reader. I find no complaints usefull with something so easy to read. GW62