Why? ?

Why did you hurt me so?
What did I do to make you stray? Did you not love me?
Did I hold on too tightly? Did I scare you? Did we not want the same out of life?
You broke my heart, you hurt me more than I ever thought possible

Again I ask why?
Why all the lies, why all the deceptions over and over again.
Is it so hard to be honest and true?
Why couldn’t you share with me all the feeling you held so deep inside?
Why did you break your promise to me? Why did you make me cry?

If I wasn’t the one you truly desired, to be with forever, you should have just let me go.
Not a day goes by that my thoughts don’t go back to those unspeakable days of not so long ago. And I cry and my heart breaks all over again.

And all I can say is Why?

by Laura Anne

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You Are........................................................A Star!
Such a powerful piece of introspection. I love the line about seemingly being a catastrophe. 'A sizeable question' indeed...well approached.
ATleast we try and find ourselves to some extent through our poems! Good one