And If I Sing You Are My Voice

and if i sing you are my voice
e.e. cummings

sorry e.e.
i just had to steal your thought
it has as much power as the force
which drives the flower
an insight so insightful that love
leaps from the sing to the voice
bridges the two
and if i smile you are my eyes

i am envious of the road you paved
i walk it hunting for truths and snakes
and if i love you are my heart:
the road is a matter of choice
but when i walk it
you are my legs you are my asphalt
you are my bench and if i live
you are the ground upon which i strive

and if i drink you are my thirst
and if i breathe you are my air
and if i remember you are my memory
and if i forget
you do not fade away

by gordon nosworthy

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Excellent poem, Gordon!
Gordon, such a good poem...10+++