TTO ( / Washington State)

The Foundling

Snow wraiths circle us
Like washers of the dead,
Flapping their white wet cloths
About the grizzled head,
Where the coarse hair mats like grass,
And the efficient wind
With cold professional baste
Probes like a lancet
Through the cotton shirt…

About us are white cliffs and space.
No façades show,
Nor roof nor any spire…
All sheathed in snow…
The parasitic snow
That clings about them like a blight.

Only detached lights
Float hazily like greenish moons,
And endlessly
Down the whore-street,
Accouched and comforted and sleeping warm,
The blizzard waltzes with the night.

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Comments (3)

I echo your sentiments. I think your writing resounds in many contexts that we are faced with today. The one thing we all need to remember is to cling to one another, to respect each other and be there for each other. I still have hope for a better tomorrow. Well written and thanks for sharing.
It is sad that bombings such as the one at Manchester no longer surprise- - - saddens me, burdens me, torments me- -but surprise me? We inmates of Planet Earth know that the acts of evil and the acts of terrorism and the acts of murder have joined hands and are difficult for the goodness on earth to overcome... but we will not stop praying, we will not stop loving, we will not stop trying to defeat evil at every turn. Well-written, Theo, as usual. Carry the flag into battle, my friend.
What a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, Miracle of a Poem. That encircles human depravity, present and past inhuman behavior., murder of the innocent. A cry for sanity, a cry for the poor victims of insanity. Better than a prayer, a talented and beautiful plea, for proper human behavior, for tolerance and love, against blind murder and hate. It there could be new written codes to change this planet and its inhabitants, this Poem would be it! The Sincerity, Pain, and Love with which it was created go beyond words of Praise. Your name, Theodora, which means gift from God could not have been better chosen. And this, your magnificent poem is a Gift to all humanity. May it be read and understood for the betterment of all. May all who read it be grateful and thankful for your beautiful Voice, in man's lonely desert.