And In Conclusion

Have you ever looked into a mirror?
In fear
Of what you might see between the wrinkles
A few sprinkles
Of years you’d soon forget
Like some owed debt
Calendar pages fanning fast
To hide mischievous scars of boyhood past
Days, hours, minutes misused
See what you want to see, so often abused
The lack of close scrutiny
Transcends the mind to mutiny
The erosion created by the tears
Of a man crying that no one hears
The crevices are too deep
They will form lines in his sleep
The sun baked hardness on your lips
Avoiding caress by familiar fingertips
And that tight lipped smile
Saved for moments stored in a pile
How about the effervescence of the grayness
Slowly shadowing the crown without awareness
Through smears of moistened sighs
Obviously unopened eyes
One must make close inspection
That lies upon reflection after reflection
So in conclusion
What is there is no illusion
No one can question what withers from within
For no one can see inside your skin
The face you dare to wear my friend
Is how we are going to read you in the end

by Alfred Ramos

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Al, wow, this is sheer poetic brilliance! Looking at yourself honestly, without masks, shorn of excuses, is the most difficult thing to do. Great thought, captured with inimitable style. Cheers, Anita