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And In My Dreams

My Copper Canyon Dreams beckon me
As if, Morpheus, himself has come to call
Leading me me into the depths of sweet slumber
Taking me long past a lazy afternoons loll;
Swirling and twirling -ever, i go
Through the Gold and Silver views of past time
To a semi-languid land of sheer fantasy
Where there 'tis no reason nor any rhyme;
Cuddled in a cozy cocoon of pure joy
'Neath a Bronze Angels loving wing
Caressed by a Doves feathered tenderness
Comforted and serene in all the peace this brings;
Deeper and deeper, i slumber on
As my Copper Canyon continues to lead me
Refreshing my mind and souls disrupted issues
Bringing forth truth, in wakefuness, i could not see;
Gradually my eyes begin a more rapid movement
Realizing my sweet slumber 'tis about to end
I cling to the fluffy white clouds of: ' Hope'
And awake, ever grateful, of where i had just been;

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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What an absaloutly fascinating poem! Through the gold and silver views of past! Dreams are indeed a poets holy grail, nice work! .