And It Goes Like

Today I write a poem for you
And it goes like
Hush a bye
Doesn't anyone
Realize what they've
I will rock you to sleep
Just before this breaks

Yesterday I wrote
A poem for you
And it goes like
The noon train
Screaming whistle and
Everyone checks the clock
Time for lunch
But I am stealing minutes to
Pass hours

Tomorrow I will write a poem for you
And it goes like
What is it that you want? And
Far off someone
Sings another nursery rhyme
Counting minutes
Keeping time

In dreams I wrote a poem for you
And it goes like
Pages of a diary
Tear stained and
Smeared ink, sporting
'You never forget your
First love'
Along with dog eared corners

Someday, I suppose,
I will write you one more poem
And it goes like

by Jenn Kovel

Comments (2)

jenn i really love the way you've shaped these words and tied together contrasting events...write on..Alexzia
I liked the way you framed this poem. Very nice ideas and I can feel it comming from the heart. Good write! ! ty for sharing it! ! Tygrr Robertson