DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

*and It Was Her That Made Me Surrender Part 1*

This life; was never want I wanted or even ever needed,
But then that taste was all that I ever needed, all I ever wanted
And it was her that made me surrender

She stared with her eyes gleaming; she’s checking me out,
Or is it the one on my shoulder, how strange, as I’ve never met her,
I wanted her now

She seems not to be feeling awkward, as I glance toward her,
She looks back pleasantly without any doubt, and then it’s over
The crowd around immerses her

The evening develops, the lamps flicker just above the headroom
She shakes to the rhythm the bass soothes; now there’s just her,
She’s faded the others out,

Is it time to approach her, her twirls almost calling me toward her
Her eyes catch me as im looking nervy, she most think im crazy.
What do I do

The music plays growing ever louder, I wonder if she feels as awkward
Take a step and then one and another, her face is now clearer
I take her hand

She spins and lands up against me, her arm around me, we dance
Without a crowd around us, cant see us ever leaving,
Paradise abound

She shakes at my touch, no more then a little quiver
Excitement ripples the air between us, erotic
Arousal slivers transgress

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Comments (2)

waaaw danny what a poem i can't wait to read part 2
Daniel, I love this poem, it's exciting, builds to a crescendo in the final stanza where your anticipation is met and equals hers. Great scribing. HG: -) xx