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And It Was Over......

As I look in the rear view mirror behind me.
The burning red sunset falls behind snow capped mountains.
I cannot help but think of the ones I am leaving.
The one I am with and the ones waiting at home.

Short lived as short visits always seem to be.
My time is worth millions to many people.
It is worth my time to come and waste little.
Going home now, I feel my time is worth pennies.

It is a feeling of being alone and knowing Im not.
A meloncholy drive over mountains, rivers and fields.
Wishing I could turn around and stay for a little longer.

She sits beside me looking out the window, wishing the same.

So we try to laugh and remember whats behind us.
Looking forward to what is waiting in the near distance.
A home needing life, animals needing love, serenity.
The feeling subsides, dipping back into normality of home. And it was over.

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You need a publisher!
Beautiful piece, moving on and forward... lovely