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And Jesus Wept

'Lord, if You had been here, '
Mary Magdalen cried.
'Lord, if You had been here
Lazaraus would not have died.'

She knelt before Him in the dust
She kissed the Master's feet
She washed them in her falling tears
There - kneeling in the street.

She took Christ then, to Lazarus' tomb
In grave-clothes there he slept.
'See how He loves hij, ' said the Jews
As, sorrowing, Jesus wept.

Across His cheeks down through his beard
The shining teardrops wound
Then one by one fell from His chin
Like shards upon the ground.

Jesus called - Lo, Lazarus lived!
Then many saw the Light
As thunder rolled and angels spoke
Christ walked into the night.

At dawnlight Mary went to where
Christ's tears had wet the street.
She found there growing in the dust
A vine - and ears of wheat!

by my friend Peggy. (Margaret Erin)

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Beautiful and thoughtful. Good one there
Lovely narrative that throws an insight into why Jesus wept (the shortest verse in the Bible) . Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Wow what a stirring poem 10+++++
I am so sorry that I have not been able to read much of your work, I am trying to do just that. This one is absolutely beautiful. GOD bless, Owen
and jesus wept and his tears wet the sands where mary stood he walked into night and light burst out his tears watered the sands and gave us his body and blood as bread and wine. grand indeed, good poem gave it 9