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And Lagos Cried
EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)

And Lagos Cried

Far from my abode
I heard the words
Of that little girl inside the car
"Daddy buy me that banana"

Mother, I've come to soothe your pains with words
Just yesterday like an entrapped meat
We stood and watched helplessly
Some painters paint the skin of your daughter Plateau

With guns and machetes
We stood and watched
The daylight robbery of your sons
With a name that flies above with wings

They were given the middle finger
To take home as a trophy
For the sake of their skin
Momma, the good-news is

They're back
They're back to dine with us
On this table prepared by the banquet of sorrow
Rejoice mother, for their legs were built to romance sorrow

I heard the sons of your sister Senegal
Bought the ticket after yours did
Possibly to go honour same banquet
Oh! Stop the tears Africa

Stir not the unclad fluid
Who had no hand in the game
Smile, and let the tears of joy be
Smile for the current feast is beyond human architecture

It has already-killed but not pointed meat
Enough of them at sight
Momma, smile for the ubiquitous legacy laid by your eldest son
Is the colourful spring made from the spit of human vein

And just today, Lagos fully welcomed the legacy
Cry no more man
Cry no more humanity
For the end is nigh

Just prepare
Prepare to meet your God
Go back to him


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