MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

And Love Is...

Find the answer
to the question
asked across the ages
what is love?
A breath across your cheek
that says hello
head thrown back
in laughter
or in passion
a smile that gleams
in the corner of an eye,
I love you
not quite spoken,
the scent of flowers
mounded in your arms
of chocolate and coffee
exchanged on breath
so close
it almost is a kiss
the touch of lips
that slide apart
then cling, drowning
forgetting air,
the need to breathe
shy turn of head
sweat pours
heart pounding
a dance of many steps
that start
and stop
and circle
touching here and there
now gentle, now firm
a rhythm written
in our blood
almost forgotten
as we laden it with questions
and with strings
love is being willing
to be
to feel
to touch
to hold and make a whole
of our disparate parts.

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