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And May Another Ten Take Her Place...
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And May Another Ten Take Her Place...

Poem By Dee Daffodil

I would have liked to have said...
I knew her well
But I didn't
I would have loved the opportunity
To meet her...perhaps have tea
But that will never be...

Malalai Kakar
Was the highest ranking female police officer
In Afghanistan!
What courage that must have taken!
What a strong soul
She must have had...
To arise everyday...knowing...
That she was a marked woman!

She was a woman who stood
For what she believed in!
She helped guide women
And represented freedom...
Freedom from oppression

And because of what she represented...
She was murdered by the Taliban
Ohhh it's no secret...
No need to 'shush me'...
You see...they've already
Taken the credit for the kill


So....I'll end on this note...
I hope that her death
Will not have been in vain
I hope that another ten women
Step in to take her place
And another ten for each of them
Should they meet with the same fate!

And who knows....
Perhaps some day...
They'll be free...

Dee Daffodil (HW) 29 September,2008

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Comments (3)

Thanks for the bringing attention to this courageous person. Well-said! -chuck
Hi Dee. Here, here may ten and more take her place, Its good to see that her passing has been recognised so her beliefs carry on. well said Regards Dave T.10/10
a nice tribute...well narrated...well written piece... Ency Bearis