(7 February 1946 / Liverpool / England)

Close My Eyes

As I lay here dying
I watch the people pass me by
And not one person here is crying
Even though they know that soon I will die,
An honest and caring person I was not
As I had used and lied and cheated
What they and others didn’t see, GOD had caught
My soul and conscience had retreated,
Now my victims are all standing around me
They watch me suffer while waiting for my last breath
Not one of them will listen to my mercy plea
They all just sit and wait only for my death,
I wish that I could not hear them
As they talk and whisper and likewise
I know to Hell my soul it is condemned
And for that journey, I wish someone would close my eyes.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

Comments (19)

a wise worded poem of if only life would be much easier? if only I had gone to Sefton Park school instead of going to Earle Road school I might have turned out to be a proper poet? ......................wonderfully written BP and best wishes.
you good at poem you x
you are good at poems x
Language evolves. We no longer use thee and thine and nowadays we’re more likely to use her rather than she in such a sentence. In this poem the use of her is more lyrical than she which sounds distant and more strident. It also adds to the symmetry of the line and is more evocative of the lover’s sadness. A poem, unlike prose has a wide, acceptable margin of syntactic flexibility. There’s nothing to be gained by sticking to grammatical correctness here than it would to punctuate e e cummings. It’s best to let the integral beauty of this poem simply to wash over you.
Brian I Love this Poem Its true to live and love :) Its real I've truly felt it ..................... but Should you make them as we want it to be or try to accept it?
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