John Nash And Ahmed Khaled, Speaking To English, 'Now', 'Live', So Please, 'Listen'

first gray and grey
second pray and prey
english what's the matter with you
the first are the same, meaning
the second..
are not
what's the logic in this
what's the purpose behind
what's the wisdom
what's the rationale
or it's just history, past origins
first roots and main sources
descending from others
offspring from different genera
or just relying on hands
and reclining on shoulders
fully dependent
unfully independent
enough weak to yield
so weak to submit
and is weak to be obedient
by other authorities
as the jailed
by the jailor
and the slave
by the master
furthermore country_divided
a mood for the different
america begins with a
mostly uses gr/a/y
england begins with e
mostly uses gr/e/y
no english no
no my darling, my love
my dream, my fantasy, my realism
i loved you as bird to nest
till accusing of anglomania
and loved your books
till diagnosing..
of bibliomania
no matter, no matters
i didn't, i don't
and i won't
do care
the most important
pray is not prey
it's fine and o.k.
but my love my darling
gray is not grey
will be nice and more o.k.
so let assume
gray stands for the dark tone
and grey stands for..
the light one
dark light day night
that is..
my darling
my love

by ahmed khaled

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a wise worded poem of if only life would be much easier? if only I had gone to Sefton Park school instead of going to Earle Road school I might have turned out to be a proper poet? ......................wonderfully written BP and best wishes.
you good at poem you x
you are good at poems x
Language evolves. We no longer use thee and thine and nowadays we’re more likely to use her rather than she in such a sentence. In this poem the use of her is more lyrical than she which sounds distant and more strident. It also adds to the symmetry of the line and is more evocative of the lover’s sadness. A poem, unlike prose has a wide, acceptable margin of syntactic flexibility. There’s nothing to be gained by sticking to grammatical correctness here than it would to punctuate e e cummings. It’s best to let the integral beauty of this poem simply to wash over you.
Brian I Love this Poem Its true to live and love :) Its real I've truly felt it ..................... but Should you make them as we want it to be or try to accept it?
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