"And Nothing More"

Blessed are those who's names are written in the book of life.
Blessed are those that hear His voice all through the night.
Filling my voided heart with power and faith
giving unto me a joyous delight
no more will I fall into deep waters.
but be carried across by my Good Father.
Oh what a love He has shone..a love that I can call my own
Good, great, perfect, and, wow.
stand, perservere, and walk right now.
If you do not understand, than follow the Man.
and read the good book He put in your hands.
built upon passion and love and sent as a gift from our Father above.

God bless you all this holiday season. I bid you good days and remember the reason.....for said season! ! I love my Father God and all his children. Be good and be blessed. Cause you are! ! ! Amen!

by Jeremy May

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