And Now He Ignores Me

Planted life and ecstasy
An orchard beheld the core.
Vowed to live and die along
Nor would ask for more.

by Plabita Plabi Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Thoughts on loneliness beautifully conveyed...thanks for sharing..10+
Soft pelt of kisses flow Delicate cheeks in love to smear. sense of loss, pain and sorrow. love. you have put into words all these feelings very well. dear poetess. thank you very much for sharing this poem. tony
Thanks for the appreciation. @Rajnish Manga
A love affair gone sour. Both phases captured quite nicely and succinctly. Thanks. Love no more profound In voiceless screams my heart brawl loud
Just a few thoughts Sir... Nothing serious... Thanks for the concern. ☺️@amar sir
Lovely verses... intensely sad and sorrowful. Hope its nothing serious. You must write and post more... Plabita.
An insightful train of thought nicely brought forth in beautiful rhyme scheme from the heart. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing Plabita.