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And Now That You'Re Gone...

Now that you're gone,
I'm searching for some familiar faces
Trying to listen to known voices
Nothing's like it was yesterday
Without you, how can I live in today?

You are a dream within my dreams
Holding my hand, so it seems
Your adorable face, the loving embrace
Everywhere I look, I find your trace.

Which way do I go? Where do i turn?
Life's a confusion, someone help me to return.
I'm broken, deep down inside
A thousand deaths I died.

Trying to run away from these feelings
To you my heart still sings.
Thinking of you.. my heart aches,
To let go off you, I'm doing all that it takes.

Teach me to forget the sweet words that you said,
You're still on my mind, Oh how can i forget?
And now that you're gone...
.....Days seem so long,
And nights seem to go on & on.....

(7th April 2006)

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Dear Preets, You write really well.You have the senstivity as well as the intensity. And thankyou so much for taking taking time out to read my verses. Chhavi
sometimes nights seem to go on and on..... fantastic poem....will touch anyone who has been in love... simply amazing... Niks
A beautiful and touching poem.......
A touching poem rather a song of a lover.
I like this poem very much. I can feel your pain and longing in your words...
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