And Now...

Flowers lively and colored with silk petals brushing in the breeze
Birds chirping while the trees soak up morning dew
Sweet smells of life forming from the ground
Damp dirt sinks our feet
Air thick with our breath
And looks killing my stress
Spring dancing in your eyes
And new summers love is building with each laugh
Soon the awkwardness will pass
April brings those showers in I bask in you sweet lips
May you pick those flowers to ease any pain
And June is coming around
My heart simply pounds
Your face lights when we meet in the park
You hand grabs mine and we walk to your house as if it were a race
Laying on your bed deep in thoughts
Laying on your chest feeling you hands rub my breasts
You move my hair and kiss my neck
You pull the covers over our head
Our bodies entangled in a position making me weak
And I can feel you taking what makes me pure…
I now belong only to you
July floats around and you talk to me as if we just met
Tone of voice to light and sweet
And you promise every night that you will always love me
Those months they passed like days in the week
It were as if we would always be young
Now we sit together and talk
Our children come in and out of the room giggling with joy
Those months they were what started our perfect life
And now every night when we lay in bed
You promise me the same thing…
And I can only agree… our love was always pure and baby you set me free…

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