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And She Will Come

Five minutes either way.
Five minutes from love.
Still you wait.
And she will come.

Your front porch is home.
Sheltered from summer rains.
My heart thunders aloud.
And she will come.

Waste away the hours.
Waste away the time.
I wait for her in dreams.
And she will come.

I think I'm falling in love.
I think I have fallen for you.
Whispering from afar.
And she will come.

How the years pass.
Long forgotten nights.
Beautiful sunny days.
And she will come.

And she did.
But I knew the game.
I knew the score.
And she will come.

A long time wondering.
Even to this humble night.
Another now calls to her.
And she will come.

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Comments (2)

beautifully written...expressed sweet longing for someone...i like the way you repeat..'and she will come' after every unsure words of infinite waiting... expressed patience and assurance to oneself that she will come...10+....
Such is the ever ebbing tide of love found and lost.... Alison