And So I Write

And so I write on my pages today
A list of things that I might say
Of lessons in life, love, change and dismay
A couple of months and a few days away

A cuss word, a rhyme or even a grunt
A solemn prayer or a even a blunt
Monologue on how cruelly you punt
Anything I say or do or front

Far beyond in the window of my desk
Worlds away absorbed in my current test
Of boldly upholding the right from the rest
And convincing you that I am the best

Man for you, the dawn, the bright light
And so on my pages today I write

by Warren Augustus de Guzman

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Comments (3)

nice keep on writing Warren. enjoyed the read
I like this, you do loose the rythem a bit near the end, but the idea is great, and a good effort too.
Asmidgen awkward, you can do this better. Listen to some rhythm first (music) then look at her, wanting to please her, show her, not your appendages, no your soul. All it takes. H