And So It Begins

A shadow walking under the dim lights
regrets that follows to the end of time
And so it begins the great fall
or it might just be a new start
desperate words from a desperate man
back to sobriety do the best that i can
no more days or nights blaiming society
ready to accept reallity

And so it begins
the struggle within
voices whisper
telling to give in

Not to late, its a chance to change
not falling back into the blurry days
sometimes the only thing is to turn
it down and leave it all behind
emotions drifting it burns inside
the struggle continues for a lifetime
voices whisper every thought a struggle

and so it begins
for the rest of my life

by Evil Angel

Comments (3)

I resemble this statement!
i love it it makes me think of my life so i love it
very nice....slightly creepy...but still good :) .....tells a real story 10++ If your an evil angel and I'm a warrior angel am i supposed to strike you out? lol