And So It Was.

Poem By micheal udenyi

After the rough passage of uniform regieme
a new set of leaders were yet at hand
a group of candidates from far and wide
came not for the people her party to represent
but this to the people yet was sealed
for they all echoed the last was bad
the millitary were harsh and very hard
the civilians are more of humans and so is better
or so they thought
and so it was
that the candidates of democracy
came up with thier party's agenda
they made so many promises of which there is no number
they promised the people a heavenly earth
if only their bid they would support
the students rallied and campaigned around them
at the mere sound of free education
the public officers jumped and debated in support of them
at the mere mention of payment of pension
they promised solar electricity
for the masses who desired this above all
free hospitals and good access roads for the masses
who blindly rioted for thier sake
they all surrounded and supported their bid
and soon after election they became great
their sole desire now in their palms
they became so rich that they forgot thier pleas for support
in and out ofthe country was all they could do
thier pockets full of pounds and dollars
naira and kobo became nothing but chicken change
they feasted on foreign tables
with strangers around thier table
all politicians except some with little integrity
were invited to the feast on our national treasure
non was without a pocket full
as the people stood and stared from afar with mouth ajar
and so it was
that it never came to pass
thier sea full of promises
dried within a twinkling of an eye

Comments about And So It Was.

good use of metaphor. u remind me of Aiyejna's poem: 'And So it Came to Pass'.10 for this.

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