And Softly Silence Speaks.....

When love flows between two yearning hearts,
Even Gods and angels listen,
As softly silence speaks,
And softly silence speaks.....

When the loving couple walk hand in hand,
Along the banks of a flowing river,
Even the lapping sound slowly ceases,
As softly silence speaks.....

When the loving duo sit in the dark woods,
The nocturnal birds and animals listen,
Their whispers travel miles away,
As softly silence speaks, they sit and pray…

When the lovers take a moonlight stroll,
And discuss their secrets in rapt attention,
Even the crickets stop their evening song,
As softly silence speaks, they stroll along!

by Khairul Ahsan

Comments (75)

A romantic poem that lovers would love to read to one another.
Absolutely Breathtaking, and ever so beautifully moving! .. Thank you ever so much for sharing this! .. Ever so very many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ..............+++++
The imagery is beautiful. Very romantic. There's a certain purity in the poem too...
I love this poem, full of such beauty. Thank you Khairul for sharing.
Such a tender loving poem....So dainty as I read between lines...Very calming...To my poem list and 10++++++
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