And Sometimes People Stare

It's something I've learned to live with
and not worry about so much
oh I know why they do it
my tics, gyrations and such
it embarrasses me to say the least
when I blurt and curse and swear
and flail about and turn my head
and wrap and pull my hair.

But people see right thru me
instead of who I am
they see a oddity
someone they could not stand
to be around or get to know
and maybe be a friend
or just say 'hi' or 'how's your day? '
something to help me blend.

I struggle with society
and all its' imperfections
its' attitudes and bias
and wrongful cruel oppression
I know I'm not the only one
the hurt I have to share
when they laugh or point and turn away
and sometimes people stare.

by maggie signaigo

Comments (2)

this is a very heartfelt poem Maggie.. I loved it! and I wouldn't pay attention to people if i were you, they are not famous for the kindness.. HBH
You beautifully put a different light on people with physical problems like this. It is very painful. This is a very nice poem though. Sincerely, mary