DS (August 4 / Florida)

And Still, Eagles Fly High

Pelicans and gulls follow these fishing fleets…

“Think before you cast
Me into that cerulean sea”, she cried…

Cardinals build nests in thorny places
Even that slippery black snake
Would know this is not
A place to go

Alligators climb garden gates
In hopes of
A short cut to lover’s lane
And always searching for a spring date…

Even that young bear
Suns himself
On the knoll above
My homestead ~ hollow

Drunken hummers
Feast on
Reddened plastic trumpets

Winter’s rabbits
Fattened on
Newly planted endive
Give exercise to that coyote
Out in the cedars

And eagles fly high
Above that mountainous English lady
Riding those currents
Of truth, love and hope

Surely, you see something of humanity

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Comments (2)

I see some very interesting and realistic angles on in this. A subtle unity of particulars and universals, all held within very disciplined writing indeed! xx jim
A lovely piece Debora. I like that it narrates what we call nature. Yet the question brings us back from a sort of pastoral vision, i enjoy the form of this especially the manner in which the stanza are shaped. the final line, for me, acts as a uniting force for the piece