A Friends Thought Of Us

A friends thought of us

Your smile intertwined
Your touch so gentle
Your eyes so mysterious

You are more like a painting for the blind
For in the heart they imagined beauty.

Your lips so soft; how could I ever resist you
Your lips kissing mine that is.

Character so strong
You are the closest bond like nails on my skin.

So attached we are
So free like birds flying in under the skies

So cute like waterfalls in spring
Like a rose flourishing in a desert.
Your aroma drawing me closer and closer to you.

Lets not let the night fade away
For the sun will give birth a new day.

If you asked how much I love you
I would say I love like all the footsteps I have taken
My whole life.

I say lets take the rest of the steps together.

by irenio irenaeus bero

Comments (2)

kavana thumpa channagide...
This is an haunting piece. I wonder the original must have been real eerie... you have captured the imagery well within the frame of mystery and shrill.... a very good write.