TK (April 30,1967 / Fairfax, VA)

…and The Curtain Rises

The tinkling of the ivories,
Reminds me of a voyage taken long ago;
Through the mist of bended consciousness,
He raises new questions,
To be answered -
And pondered.

Violence begets violence,
And the birth of which is of
An unending cycle of swirling turncoats,
Of which are in constant conflict.

Wrapped in that thought,
An idea given up long ago;
The poodle’s wishes’
Do not come true,
Not for fear of being blue,
However, I must say
The easiest way to play,
Is at the prince’s ball,
Flush with wall-to-wall handmaidens,
To spin a popular misperception.

Playing to the beat of madness,
He holds court;
While those around him,
Stays and plays,
Out the single greatest performance,
Of their miserable lives.


by Tim Kimball

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