I Hold You In The Lyric Of My Thoughts

In memory of Menke Katz
I hold you in the lyric of my thoughts.
No, never mind that mist that hurts the eyes.
Tomorrow in Jerusalem, my friend,
Our dance beguiles the autumn of its grief.

I have you still with all my treasures kept,
Poor scribbles and the pencil-colored flowers.
Write me new letters on the windowpane.
Sign them as always with your shadow name.

Frost memories give me courage for today.
Just taste October with me, find it good.
The time is poignant like a Yiddish tune,
As bittersweet and smoky as old leaves.

Previously published in connection with my interview entitled, 'Letter Friends', Skylark, Purdue University, Calumet

by Sandra Fowler

Comments (4)

The helplessness of human beings a great work.
Phantasmagoric, surreal and a blast from the gut to read aloud...love this poem
I found much more to dislike than to like in this poem: she was eating the excrement of dogs and horses little girls stick photographs of genitals to the windows of their homes Enough said.
Calamities! ! Deatroying the earth. Nice work.