Love Never Die's

Love never dies
It lives, it breaths
Inside each of us human beings

Just most of us
Can never see
The beauty
That is dormant
In us all

Most of us wait
And think
Is he my Mr. Right?
But then
The light just fades
Like two ships in the night

We often mistake love
To be caring with our words
But what it really is for us
Is giving our whole being

To love you must trust
To love you must give
Is anyone really ready?
To give what makes you
Who you are
Your soul, you're very being
Is it worth it at all?

Am I being cynical?
In life's most mysteries
Emotion that scares us all
Am I really right?
In how love suppose to be

We all have our own opinions
Of what love is suppose to be
Perhaps I am mistaken
On what I really see

So you tell me
What do you see or feel
Is this what love is all about
Trust with all your heart
With ever fiber of your being

Is it really worth the risk
To risk a broken heart
Can it really be?
That important to ones life

This is why I say
Love never dies
It's always there
In each of us
Dormant in our hearts

by Kaila George

Comments (4)

Beautiful poem described it so calmingly.
Thanks, RC, it's pure envy but I will have a glass of Queensland's finest and raise it to you and your work (whichever comes first) . Best wishes H
herbert you know i love poems about death this is as good as it gets as i was reading it, i got real excited and i was rewarded, a great poem about death and the soul, and a great understanding as conveyed in your poem worth more then a lousey one or two, but i suppose if we keep letting rangatangs vote this is what happens Warm regards allan
the 2s are back in town again- and to give Herbert a 2? The plague of my poetry has spread- i dont even have to look at the poem i just posted to know i got a 2 or less, god bless- herbert, though art always better than the best.