(04 October 1943 / Germany)

And The Soul Leaves

Now the silence descends
like the Lady of Darkness.
Yet his eyes remain wide,
both remaining behind.
Then the stillness is kissed
by the rays of the soul.
As it leaves, laced with grace,
to the end of his road.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

Beautiful poem Herbert....you described it so calmingly.
Thanks, RC, it's pure envy but I will have a glass of Queensland's finest and raise it to you and your work (whichever comes first) . Best wishes H
herbert you know i love poems about death this is as good as it gets as i was reading it, i got real excited and i was rewarded, a great poem about death and the soul, and a great understanding as conveyed in your poem worth more then a lousey one or two, but i suppose if we keep letting rangatangs vote this is what happens Warm regards allan
the 2s are back in town again- and to give Herbert a 2? The plague of my poetry has spread- i dont even have to look at the poem i just posted to know i got a 2 or less, god bless- herbert, though art always better than the best.