And The Sun Sets

Another star fades while the sky darkens,
The earth in joy for yet another meal to be
Taken in a relaxed smiling cupped manner;
Yet another feast of hope for the vultures.
The clouded cloud parted ways in conflict.
A film coated flame covers his eyes home,
And the joy at heart bubbles like troubled water,
There he moves to join his maker in peace.

Words are few, thoughts are deep, memories
Of you will always be kept; prayers not forgotten.
It is hard to say the inevitable to the one lost now,
It is hard to say goodbye to a journey that one would return no more to his people and loved ones but,
I must make my tears fill a bucket to be taken by all.

Thought of you make my eyes wanders for your shadow which always roam here and there in me.
Alas! The farmers are back as the sun sets in fear,
All holding their jaws in pitied sorrowful mouth.
Alas! The market women are back with nothing.
Ring the bell in the field, tell it to all wanderers
That a rare soul is lost to unknown destination.

Who shall I call when the tears are flowing?
Who shall call me those names for you only?
Are those light litted in my life by you still alive?
Shall we return to the rising of the sun not its sittings?
I can bring back the hand of time when we were
Younger and promising, maybe I shall see you again.

You fought the fight to be here with us
To no avail because it has been written this day.
Death is inevitable but not the worst thing to happen.
Through the vacuum of loneliness I dream,
Through the matching hope of forgetfulness I see,
No power was taken without blood and soon
The blood shall redeem you and set you free
And the sun shall rise again and set no more.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice Of Vincent 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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