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And The World Whirled On.
WJ ( / San Antonio, Texas)

And The World Whirled On.

My Love never languished.
She was a visual feast, another Helen,
and we loved with an incandescent love
so that even the gods wept and wished to be mortal.

Like children we shared our joys and sorrows,
minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day,
for I loved her always.

And I laughed and wept in her arms,
and I saw my face in her eyes
whenever she looked into mine.

And we whispered, and we listened,
and we tasted, and we touched
as young lovers in spring's fragrant garden.

Throughout sultry summer nights,
on cool autumn days beneath saffron maples,
and more so on bitter winter mornings,
she loved me.

And hours turned to days, and days months, and months years
as all the while curly headed children sprang forth.
And just as quickly, up they grew and moved away.

But even so, she laughed when I kissed her,
and I loved her all the more as we grew older
so that even the gods wept and wished they were mortal.

And then one day she died, and so did I,
for she was more than love, my life,
and I could not bear to lose her.

And the world whirled on
as the gods watched and wept
and wished they had made us immortal.

* Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's 'Annabel Lee'; out of the deepest admiration for Poe I wrote this poem.

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'And the world whirled on as the gods watched and wept and wished they had made us immortal'. Yes indeed. I love these words, how truly beautiful, Ally x
I've been browsing through your poems and feeling I should comment fulsomely on every one. You are certainly a consummately skilled poet and a deep and emotional thinker. I can't resist any more and I must comment on this beautiful piece - so heartfelt and yet unsentimental, sensual and loving, and in the end so moving. I shall read all of the work you publish on here.
Your love is True. Greenwolfe
To love is be a hosatage ro fate I love and am willing to risk being left alone. Only for a little while unti we meet again in our next lives Love is sternal
Atleast you loved. A very emotional poem, almost like a journey of love life. Preets
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