And Then, Not

'Everything that happens where we live happens in us. Everything that ceases in what we see ceases in us. Everything that has been, if we saw it when it was, was taken from us when it went away. The office boy left today.'
~Fernando Pessoa

by Christine Austin Cole Click to read full poem

Comments (9)

an artful write on a theme that impressed you, Christine...stylish poem presentation...i liked 10
the poignant spirituality that defines this poem caused me to return; once again 'and then not'
You're no slouch yourself. You are a little bit of the Heroin I spoke of.
Beautifully written - inspired poetry. The fact that you share the source of your inspiration is interesting, but I hasten to add that the poem would stand superbly without it. Clear, articulate penning - in truth and with heart. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
My friend you write a passionate truth! There is an exaggerated realism in the memory.
Good write...a subject not covered by many...refreshing! ! a lot different to many a poem I've had the privilege of reading.. all the very best J.L
A very unique approach. One worth noting. Perhaps, one which may be used again in replication of other things. Very interesting indeed. GW62
Refreshingly unique subject and approach rehan
This is wonderful. What a good, thoughtful piece inspired by that one thought. This one resonates and will stay with me a long time. Raynette