Deep Darkness Spread Throughout All The Land

Deep darkness spread throughout all the land that day
as men nailed Him to the cross and had their way.
There full atonement for humankind was made
as our sins upon the Lamb of God were laid.

Sin divided the Triune Godhead that day
for as He hung there The Father looked away.
"My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? "
He cried when hanging upon that awful tree.

Alone, there upon the cross He bore my shame
and beneath the wrath of God He took my blame.
Then into the Holiest place He ventured
drawing back the great curtain as He entered.

And in that inner sanctuary He stood
cleansing this poor sinner with His precious blood.
A never to be repeated sacrifice
He made as my scapegoat and paid the price.

From the top to bottom the curtain was torn
as the penalty for my sinfulness was borne.
Now with reverence and awe I can approach
the throne of God without rebuke or reproach.

Written as prelude to Easter and based on Matthew 27: 45-56

by Royston Allen

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